Custom CRM Software solutions streamline customer-facing business functions by gathering customer information, automating marketing and sales interactions, and providing dependable and clear communication. All of these features, combined with cutting-edge data analysis tools, improve communication and build strong customer relationships, giving businesses a market advantage.

Customer relationship management software solutions improve customer-facing business functions by gathering customer information, automating marketing and sales interactions, and providing consistent and clear communication. All of these features, when combined with cutting-edge data analysis tools, improve communication and help businesses build strong customer relationships, giving them a competitive advantage.

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CRM Consulting

CRM process consulting: from the design of marketing, sales and customer service digital processes to consulting support…

CRM Consulting

CRM Implementation

End-to-end CRM implementation, leveraging the capabilities of market-leading CRM – Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce..

CRM Implementation

Custom CRM Development

CRM development from scratch. Business analysis, end-to-end evolutionary development of CRM software, testing…

Custom CRM Development

CRM Testing

Functionality, integrations, performance, usability, and security testing. Our testing services are aimed at providing you with…

CRM Testing

CRM Support and Evolution

Administration support, including daily administration, data administration, 24/7 CRM system monitoring, monthly system…

CRM Support and Evolution

Custom CRM Development Services We Offer

  • Custom-CRM-development

    Custom CRM creation

    We create custom CRM software with one-of-a-kind features to provide efficient business process automation mechanisms. Our CRM solutions assist you in keeping up with global trends in your industry, managing and analyzing your clientele, and automating and optimizing your operations.

  • CRM-migration-services

    Services for CRM Migration

    We can migrate and extract data from your legacy software system with ease. Our business analysts understand the unique needs of each company and provide solutions that allow you to maximise CRM value while avoiding downtime or deployment delays.

  • CRM-system-integration

    Integration of CRM systems

    CRM software can be integrated into your corporate solution as well as other third-party systems by our development team. We design single customer view systems that include pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, task tracking, comprehensive reports, and a variety of other features.

  • CRM-modules-development

    Development of CRM modules

    Separate CRM modules such as performance analysis and monitoring, productivity and KPI tracking, task creation and tracking, log management, real-time data analysis, reporting, and lead generation can be created and integrated by our developers. Using these modules can assist a company in managing all of its current and prospective clients.

  • Off-the-shelf-CRM-platforms-customization

    Customization of off-the-shelf CRM platforms

    We can customize your third-party CRM software to increase your company’s overall efficiency and productivity. We provide CRM solutions customization services to help you optimize and extend the functionality of your CRM platform by streamlining business processes and automating workflows.

  • Custom-CRM-analytics-solutions

    CRM analytics solutions that are unique

    We can create and integrate comprehensive analytics tools such as user-friendly dashboards, task tracking solutions, customer relationship mapping, and case study history. We can also integrate your free CRM system with email, phone, chat, or social networks to improve client segmentation and predictive modelling.

We Offer CRM Development Services for the Following Industries

customer service

Real Estate software

Retail software



Banking & Financial Service

The Main Advantages of Custom CRM Software Development


    Optimized and automated process of lead generation with a reliable system of analyzing and communicating with potential clients


    Automated lead generation, reporting, and client interaction processes


    Better communication with clients thanks to centralized documentation, data visualization, and reporting


    Improved customer interaction and conversions thanks to the various tools and plugins of custom CRM solutions


    Enhanced customer interaction and streamlined business processes


    With a centralized CRM system, only authorized employees can get access to business data and customer details

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Peafowlsoft is a trustworthy provider of custom ERP solutions such as CRM systems. We have extensive experience developing and integrating automated CRM software. We work with a wide range of industry verticals and domains.

Through the successful implementation of custom CRM software, we have developed enterprise solutions that have assisted our clients in improving direct marketing, database management, and customer information management. Peafowlsoft has its own QA team to help you maintain and support your CRM system. Please review our CRM case studies to learn more about our expertise.

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