.NET Application Development Services

.NET software development services include the design and evolution of web, mobile, and desktop applications built on the .NET platform. Peafowlsoft has proven to be a web development company that provides rapid software delivery at a low cost by implementing 190+ successful .NET projects.

.NET Web Development Company

Project we have done

utility CRM software

Utility CRM

utility CRM software

Utility CRM

utility CRM software

Utility CRM

Scope of Our .NET Services

Our .NET web development company services are extremely adaptable. Depending on the project stage, needs, and cooperation model, we create a unique service package for each client.

Dot NET Web Development Company

Business analysis and .NET project management

Our business analysts, who have hands-on experience in 17+ industries, handle needs assessment and high-level scope definition for your .NET project, while dedicated PMs from our Project Management Office outline project requirements, tech stack, schedule, and more in detailed project documentation.

ui ux services

UX/UI Design

Our UX research, in-depth story mapping, and usability testing of wireframes and prototypes result in the cool UI mockups you approve before the development launch. Our UX/UI design experts prioritize users in order to create vivid, intuitive interfaces that ensure your .NET software’s high adoption.

.NET Software Development

.NET Software Development

Peafowlsoft’s engineers use Universal Windows Platform, Windows Presentation Foundation, Xamarin, and a variety of other tools in addition to providing .NET Core, ADO.NET, and ASP.NET development services. We ensure on-time software delivery by implementing Agile and Lean processes and tracking performance with KPIs (Cycle Time, Lead Time, Deployment frequency, Stakeholder Satisfaction, etc.)

Software Tester Course - QA Testing Course


Peafowlsoft’s QA specialists use a strong quality management system to perform functional, performance, usability, security, exploratory, and other types of testing. We help you reduce testing costs in your .NET project while ensuring high test coverage with our proprietary Integrated Manual and Automated Testing (IMAAT) approach.

.NET web development company

.NET Software Support and Evolution

We offer L1, L2, and L3 support for your .NET web development company, as well as comprehensive maintenance services such as performance optimization, compliance management, and security monitoring. We also ensure that your website development is constantly evolving, which may include the addition of AI, AR/VR, IoT, blockchain, and other advanced modules.

Software We Develop with .NET

Diverse types of software

  • Web apps.
  • Cloud applications.
  • SaaS
  • Сross-platform apps on Xamarin.
  • Desktop apps.
  • Databases.
  • APIs.
  • Embedded systems.

Diverse types of software

various complexity

  • Large and complex applications that require FTE teams.
  • Business-critical solutions with strict requirements for performance and availability.
  • Highly secure systems.
  • Applications with multiple integrations.
  • Data-intensive applications.
  • MVPs.
  • Libraries.

various complexity

All groups of end users

  • Commercial software products.
  • B2B software.
  • B2E software.
  • B2C software.
  • Custom enterprise platforms and apps for internal use.

All groups of end users

Cost-Effective and Fast .NET Development

Rely on Peafowlsoft’s professionals to receive:

    Nimble business analysis for precise needs match.
    Intuitive UX & trendy UI for high user engagement.
    Agile development for speedy & quality delivery.
    Mature project management for website development company’s project success.
    Seamless integration to streamline workflows.
    24/7 support and .NET app updates every 2-6 weeks.
.NET Development - Website Development Agency

Architecture Patterns We Design


  • Microservices
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Headless (Decoupled)
  • Serverless
  • DDD
  • CQRS



  • PWA
  • SPA
  • MVC
  • MVVM
  • Reactive
  • Micro-frontends


How We Maintain Code Quality

  • Best practices for coding

    • Observance of .NET coding standards.
    • Data security practices must be followed.
    • All variables and in-code comments have descriptive names.
    • Documentation of code.
    • Code has been divided into short, focused units.
    • Version control tools should be used.
    • Code portability was ensured.

  • Code review practices

    • Ad hoc review.
    • Peer review.
    • Code walkthrough.
    • Code inspection.

  • Testing of individual units

    • A functional requirements specification includes the creation of unit tests.
    • Tests are used to validate code behavior in response to standard, boundary, and incorrect values.
    • To ensure proper performance, tests are rerun after each significant code change.

  • Code quality metrics

    • Maintainability Index (MI).
    • Cyclomatic Complexity (CC).
    • Depth of Inheritance.
    • Class Coupling.

Choose Your Cooperation Model

Website Developer - Website Creators

Adding .NET developers to the team

Overcome skill gaps or bridge staff gaps in your project with the help of Peafowlsoft’s dot net full stack developer.

Pricing model: T&M is based on an hourly rate (the rate is determined by the scope of the work and the developer’s seniority level).

Dedicated .NET team developer

Dedicated .NET team

Hire a team of skilled full stack dot net developers who will be managed by Peafowlsoft’s PMO to complete your .NET software project on time and on budget.

Pricing model: T&M by the hour or T&M with a cap (when cost mitigation is a higher priority than flexibility).

Full .NET development outsourcing

Full .NET development outsourcing

Entrust implementation, support, and evolution of your fullstack dev .NET project to Peafowlsoft’s BAs, UX/UI designers, website developers, PMs and QAs.

Pricing model*: Fixed price (for finite requirements) or T&M by an hourly rate (for long-term cooperation).

Technology Competencies

Frameworks and platforms

ADO Dot NET Web Development
ASP.NET MVC Website Development Company
ASP.NET MVC Core Website Development Company
ASP.NET MVC Webforms - Web Development Company
Entity Framework - Web Development Company
UWP - Universal Windows Platform App
WCF - Windows Communication Foundation
Entity Framework - Web Development Company
Windows Forms
WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation
Xamarin - Open Source Mobile App Platform for .NET Development

Programming languages and IDEs

Learn C-Sharp Developer
CSS - Cascading Style Sheet
F Sharp Programming Language
Powershell - Cross-platform task automation solution
learn python programming
XML - Extensible Markup Language
SQL -Structured Query Language
T-SQL - Transact SQL
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code
Rider - Cross-Platform .NET IDE from JetBrains

Components and libraries

Blazor Open-Source Web Framework
Fluent Validation
MediatR - Mediator pattern implementation in . NET
MVVM Light Toolkit
Polly C#
SignalR - Open Source Software


Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

AWS - Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Services
DigitalOcean - A Cloud Hosting Provider
Google Cloud - Google Cloud Platform
Rackspace Technology - Multicloud Solutions Provider

DevOps tools

Azure Application Insights
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS X-Ray – Distributed Tracing System
Azure DevOps Services

Reporting tools

Click on the technology to learn about our capabilities in it.

Crystal Reports
Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
Power BI
Power BI embedded analytic
RDLC - Report Definition Language Client-side
Telerik Reporting

APIs and integrations

GraphQL - A Query Language for API
REST:API - REpresentational State Transfer
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Years in IT
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Expert Developers
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success stories
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industries covered
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Global reach

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