Educational methods have evolved into a new era. e Learning Platform  has completely transformed the way we teach and learn. eLearning, as opposed to traditional methods of education, makes it clearer, easier, and more efficient.

Peafowlsoft develops tailored e Learning Platform solutions for the entire educational process. We combine extensive software development experience with industry needs to deliver an advanced solution that allows your students to achieve their goals and complete their studies in a timely and effective manner. For educational institutions, private training organizations and centers, and blended learning programmed, we can create and integrate custom multi-featured Digital Learning Platforms (DLP) and separate modules.

e learning platform helps your retail organization develop custom e learning program that involve users in any phase of the training process.

e Learning Platform

We Focus on Building Custom e Learning Platform for

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

    with comprehensive features for teacher and student evaluation, analyzing student performance, creating and scheduling courses, in-class collaboration, and more

  • Digital Learning Platforms (DLP)

    Allow you to personalize your student’s learning experiences by providing comprehensive tools for assessment, scheduling, course creation, file and media sharing, in-class collaboration, live conferencing, and more

  • Adaptive Learning Systems

    That can be used for distance learning and group collaboration among students It enables the adaptation of educational material presentation based on student’s learning needs and knowledge

  • eLearning platforms improvement and customization

    Dashboards, Calendars, Evaluation, and Reporting tools are included in interactive modules

e learning platform

Powerful Custom e Learning Platform

The Peafowlsoft team has great experience in LMS and DLP development and can use it to build easy-to-use, interactive and goal-driven e Learning platforms and systems. We create and develop scalable solutions with closer attention to end users (students and educators). Our team can build a wide range of custom educational solutions to address the needs of students and educators: live conferencing, virtual classrooms, in-class cooperation, discussion boards, assessment, tracking and scheduling tools, and more. Moreover, we can integrate payment systems and video chat solutions into your existing platform, and connect it to 3d-party platforms and social media

Evaluation and Assessment Software

Designed to simplify the general educational process, creating more time for teaching and studying

    • Work assignment and tasks scheduling
    • Tracking comprehensive student information
    • Simplified student enrolment
    • Automated student data management
    • Scheduling and tracking education meetings
    • Email notifications to staff and inquiries tracking
    • Progress evaluation and score system
eLearning content development

Learning Management Systems

Created to help educators deliver information to their students, check tests and other assignments, track learners progress, and manage record keeping

    • Easy managing and adaptation with intuitive navigation
    • Interactive dashboards
    • Tasks creation and management in one click
    • Student’s performance tracking
    • Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools
    • Calendar synchronization
    • Easy administration, documentation, tracking, reporting
Learning Management Systems

Video Chat Solutions

Integrated web communicational tools to enhance educational performance and increase interaction between students and teachers

    • Video, audio and messaging chat
    • Virtual classrooms
    • Blended education
    • Broadcast video lessons
    • Online personal tutor contacting
Video Chat App Development

Online courses and training

Digital educational materials and online libraries that support e Learning platform

    • Creation of eCourses and eSeminars
    • Interactive tools for the creation of training programs
    • Progress tracking tools
    • School web educational portals
    • Video and audio content creation
online e learning platforms
How Our Team Can Help
  • Improve and standardize assessment methods and learning approaches by using reporting and analysis tools
  • Increase student’s efficiency by creating virtual classrooms, personal scheduling shifts, and assessment and tracking tools
  • Improve cash flow by integrating a payment module that supports payment systems such as PayPal
  • Automation of workflows thanks to intuitive e-forms, shift-scheduling tools and customizable dashboards
  • Improve and standardize assessment methods and learning approaches by using reporting and analysis tools
  • Immediate and long-term maintenance

The Peafowlsoft team will carefully analyze your ideas and then build a distinctive end-to-end eLearning solution to meet your expectations and ensure transparency at every development stage. Based on our extensive experience we can work with various requests and develop multi-featured solutions.

Our team can integrate extensive features and modules such as a financial module, video chat, intuitive e-forms, reporting and analyzing tools, and more.

Peafowlsoft creates custom eLearning development services that allow you to save time and resources

Key Features of eLearning Software

Choose Your Service Option

website coder

Custom e Learning Development

    • Learning needs analysis
    • Selection of a suitable type of an eLearning solution (LMS, LXP, eLearning portal), an optimal feature set
    • Selection of platform or a tech stack, and an implementation methodology
    • End-to-end eLearning software development
    • Quality assurance
    • User training
    • Post-implementation support and evolution
e learning platform

Revamp of legacy learning software

    • Learning needs analysis
    • Redesign of learning processes
    • Suggesting new eLearning functionality (e.g., course publishing workflows, gamification)
    • Cloud migration of an eLearning solution, if required
    • Implementing and testing new eLearning features
    • Implementing UX and UI improvements to the eLearning solution
e learning platform

Advanced functionality for current eLearning solution

    • Defining learning processes to transform with innovative techs (AI, VR, AR, big data) and redesigning the learning processes accordingly
    • A business case including costs, outcomes, ROI or NPV
    • Implementation, integration and testing of new features
    • User training and support
e learning platform

Customization of an open-source eLearning platform

    • Eliciting eLearning requirements
    • Advising on an optimal open-source platform
    • Customizing an open-source eLearning platform. (e.g., to support complex content approval workflows, unique assessments)
    • eLearning solution testing
    • User training and support

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