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We are always available to develop native and cross-platform application services. Our well-known app consulting and development team can analyze your needs and set high goals for a high-performance app service and develop android app.

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Application development

We create and deliver web, mobile, and cloud business applications of varying complexity and for a variety of purposes. We pay special attention to their flexibility, security, speed, and integration potential

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    The actual value to business

    We thoroughly investigate all critical business needs and the future development of an application context, then make appropriate architectural and technological decisions to build a solution that meets your company’s specific needs.

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    Stable work and undemanding support

    We develop android app and write code that is loosely coupled and readable in order to make it easy to test, maintain, and upgrade.

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    High quality and timely releases

    We aren’t just a certified company; we also have our own Quality Management System, which streamlines our software development processes and allows us to deliver reliable solutions on time.

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    Agile delivery of new features

    DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Integration practices, as well as automated testing and deployment tools, are used. As a result, we ensure consistent delivery of releasable solutions (adding new features as frequently as 1-2 times per week), without system freezes, and with fewer code errors.


Application management

We can develop android app and manage your applications on your behalf, ensuring increased business flexibility and reduced IT costs. Our team will maintain and monitor your application servers and databases using the most recent process management practices, ensuring their enhanced performance, sustainability, and stability, as well as keeping them in sync with current business needs.

The list of our app development software services includes but is not limited to:

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    Remote application monitoring and performance management.

    We take over your critical develop android application’s continuous remote diagnostics. We identify problems, provide detailed information on the causes of discovered issues, and make recommendations for needed improvements. Application performance, transaction integrity, data consistency, message queue overflows, and server failures are all monitored.

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    Remote application support

    We assist you in treating a wide range of problems and incidents, managing modifications (from minor enhancements to app changes), and advising you on beneficial app optimization activities to address new and evolving needs.

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    Help Desk

    Our 24/7 help desk can serve as a single point of contact for application users; the help desk agents will receive all inbound service requests and incident reports via any preferred communication channel (e-mail, phone, chat, a ticket management system, and more), and they will:

      • Provide info about applications and their usage.
      • Estimate the issue and solve simple cases directly, or escalate more serious issues to technical experts for assistance.
      • Create a knowledge base and a FAQ section to assist users in self-help.
      • Collect feedback from users for a development team.

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    Design and implementation of the Continuous Delivery

    We design and implement a CD pipeline to connect and automate the development, testing, and deployment of your application. This allows you to leverage multiple CD values and quickly and efficiently deliver new app features.


Application modernization

Our team modernises legacy applications to increase their efficiency and better integrate them into a modern enterprise IT strategy.

We support a wide range of 'revival' activities and scale them to meet your specific business requirements.

  • Re-hosting

    Transferring an entire application from on-premises or the old cloud infrastructure to the new cloud without requiring significant modifications or code changes

  • Re-platforming

    Moving a portion or an entire application to the cloud with minor optimizations and upgrades to take advantage of cloud capabilities such as automated performance scaling and improved responsiveness.

  • Re-architecting

    Modifying an application’s architecture and UI/UX design to make it more scalable, flexible, and integration-friendly, or to enable simplified app maintenance and streamlined testing and deployment of future upgrades

  • Re-engineering

    Redesigning specific application components, redevelop android app, updating specific aspects (e.g., performance, functionality), or adding new elements to an existing system.

  • Re-coding

    Rewriting legacy applications written in PowerBuilder, Delphi, VB, C++, and other languages, as well as outdated versions of Java,.NET, PHP, and Python, using modern technologies and tools

To make modernization smooth and truly beneficial, we:
    Cooperate closely with the customer (IT department, other concerned employees) and third-party vendors to obtain detailed information about the application being modernised.
    Extraction of business requirements from existing software applications should be done with care.

Application Integration

We can integrate multiple independent applications from your IT environment into a unified system, increasing efficiency and user convenience.

To ensure successful integration, we draw on our experience integrating systems and applications of varying complexity, scale, and technology stacks, as well as:

  • Select an integration pattern that answers the current needs and a future strategy of your business

    We have a strong track record in various integration approaches – point-to-point service-oriented architecture (SOA), enterprise service bus (ESB), and shared database (for specific cases) – and can put together an integration solution that maximises your profit.

  • Pay due attention to specific integration risks

    We ensure that the integrated system provides an appropriate response time, security level, and data quality.

  • Cover the end-to-end integration process

    We design integration architecture, implement the solution, modernise your legacy applications to ensure smooth operation in the new environment, provide comprehensive testing coverage at the system and component levels, and provide additional integration and support services.

security services

Application security services

Our security experts can help businesses make their applications more resistant to security threats.

    As a certified company, we follow all security principles and assist you in remaining compliant with stringent industry-specific security requirements.
    We assist you in compiling security requirements and recommend a resilient app design pattern capable of addressing potential security risks.
    We use continuous security monitoring to ensure that your applications remain secure and reliable, as well as to identify the need for security upgrades in response to ever-changing cyberthreats.
    We investigate security flaws in your application using white box (with code audit) or black box testing (without access to application code) and provide a report with recommendations for mitigating discovered vulnerabilities.


Application Testing

We perform extensive manual and automated testing (essential for Continuous Delivery) at each stage of the application life cycle (implementation, deployment, support, and evolution) to identify potential risks and verify that your enterprise solutions work correctly and meet the established quality requirements.


Performance testing

Compatibility testing

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