Human Rights

We value and promote human rights and treat all people equally, regardless of nationality, age, or gender. We do not tolerate human rights violations and work to eliminate forced labour and workplace discrimination.

Health and Safety

We strive to provide our employees with safe and healthy working environments. Every employee is taught safe work practises and has access to first aid in the office. Our employees are provided with medical insurance as well as reimbursement for fitness-related expenses.

Furthermore, we encourage our employees to report unsafe workplace conditions and to take preventative measures to avoid accidents and occupational diseases.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to environmental protection and addressing environmental challenges such as climate change. We follow and encourage our business partners and vendors to follow a set of rules, which include:

  • Using reusable cups instead of disposable plastic and paper cups.
  • Utilizing LED lighting and energy-saving computer equipment.
  • When possible, reduce the use of paper at work by using electronic documents instead of hard copies.
  • Encourage employees to ride their bikes to work by providing bicycle parking and comfortable showers.
  • Collecting and recycling old accumulators and light bulbs.

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Our business strategy is based on ethical behaviour. We ensure transparency in business operations and strongly support anti-fraud and anti-corruption efforts, as well as the abolition of bribery and coercion. This approach, we believe, is one of the keys to maintaining trust among employees, as well as with our customers and business partners.

Individuals and Communities Making Complaints

Our goal is to keep a transparent complaints procedure in place so that sustainability issues can be identified as early as possible. It is critical to avoid conflicts and maintain a positive business image. We strive to handle concerns and complaints in a fair and systematic manner, and we monitor to ensure that addressing complaints does not cause additional problems.

Communication about Sustainability

We are open and consistent in our sustainability ideas, which we constantly promote around the world. To make the IT business more sustainable, we share our knowledge through marketing materials and the corporate website.

Promoting Sustainability Issues in Interaction with Customers and Business Partners

We communicate our sustainability policy directly to our business partners and customers, and we expect them to adhere to environmental and human rights principles. We encourage our vendors and business partners to consider the environmental impact of their or our joint operations and to take precautions to avoid negative consequences.

Policy Revisions and Updates on Sustainability

We strive for continuous improvement and review our sustainability policy on an annual basis. We make appropriate policy updates and also monitor whether our sustainability objectives and business objectives are in sync.

Please read our corporate social responsibility report for more information.