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Best Accounting Software services are focused on increasing business efficiency and providing a truly customer-centric experience across digital and physical sales channels. Our retail IT consultants have over 7+ years of domain experience and provide custom software solutions and Ecommerce solutions to the entire retail software.

If you’re looking for the best accounting software in India, then look no further. We provide a wide range of retail software solutions with customized modules, innovative features, and productivity-enhancing capabilities, so that your business can grow faster. With our services, you benefit from our experience in delivering clear user interfaces and an intuitive experience that enables your customers to easily interact with their best accounting software system. This will ensure your customers have a positive experience each time they shop at your store or go to make payments.

Online Retail Business

We Offer Software Solutions

Customer Experience

Customer Service

We respond to this challenge by assisting brands in providing consistent and personalized service – before, during, and after a purchase, as consumers expect a truly omni-channel experience.

Our CXM solutions reflect the current industry mindset and enable integrated experiences across consumer touchpoints such as web, POS, mobile, click & collect, and social.

  • CRM and marketing automation: Creating personalized and long-term relationships with complete, actionable customer data.
  • Loyalty programs: implementing customer retention strategies via CRM-powered loyalty scheme management across in-store, web, and mobile channels.
  • In-store experience: incorporating cutting-edge technologies into your physical locations, such as the integration of POS software terminals and mobile devices.
e commerce website


We provide scalable ecommerce website solutions that meet the needs of consumers, make shopping more enjoyable and secure, and provide best accounting software & operational analytics for marketing and sales.

  • E-stores: building virtual storefronts with slick online catalogs for 100,000+ SKUs.
  • Online shopping cart: enabling secure transaction processing with a broad selection of payment gateways.
  • Integration: connecting your ecommerce module with the entire line-up of enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, back office and more).
  • eCommerce: offering mobile shopping for consumers across a variety of devices.
supply chain

Supply Chain

We enable real-time visibility into every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturing to checkout.

  • Supply chain management: automating your buying and selling processes that cover inventory management, store operations and financials.
  • Private label product management: managing relationships with manufacturers and monitoring products throughout their lifecycles.
  • Trade promotion management: gaining a complete control of planning, execution and analysis of trade promotions at every outlet.
  • E-collaboration: making remote collaboration possible between buyers, vendors and private label manufacturers.
  • Enterprise mobile apps: powering your staff with role-specific mobile solutions for a real-time access to work-critical functionality.
Data anaysis

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

We help you make informed decisions based on rich analytics sourced from your IT ecosystem and customer touchpoints.

    • Data warehousing and master data management: putting together a single version of truth by cleansing and integrating your data from multiple distributed sources.
    • OLAP cubes: handling careful combinations of relevant metrics on customer behavior, inventory, operations, finance and more from the standpoints you require.
    • Reporting UI: providing users with interactive reporting dashboards that can be tailored to their particular role.
    • Predictive analytics: tapping into customer trends and demand forecasts with meaningful data.
Computer vision

Computer Vision

Peafowlsoft offers the development of custom image analysis solutions to increase the level of customer service in software for retail shop:

  • Facial recognition: from recognition of regular customers to provide them with personalized deals to identification of potential criminals.
  • Emotion recognition: assessment of the customer satisfaction level with a smart camera.
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Peafowlsoft brings the cutting-edge technologies of VR to create a unique and convenient shopping experience, such as interactive virtual stores that the customers can browse from any location using popular VR platforms.

Information security

Information Security

Being ISO 27001 certified, we maintain the highest standard of information security. We can help your business enable advanced security management.

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): real-time monitoring of internal and external security events for effective threat prevention.
  • Identity and access management: securing and controlling role-based access to your data assets.
  • Penetration testing: identifying and investigating your system vulnerabilities by means of preventive hack attacks.

Our Capabilities

Our technological competencies cover the full cycle of best accounting software for retail services:
    Platform-based implementation
    Custom development
    Redesign of enterprise systems

These services are delivered by on-demand, scalable teams of ideators and practitioners who include business analysts, software consultants and engineers, graphic designers and quality assurance professionals.

Our strategic relations with the technology leaders open extra opportunities for us and help to ease implementations for our customers


Software We Develop

Computer Vision

Peafowlsoft develops custom image analysis solutions to improve the quality of customer service in retail:

  • Facial recognition can be used to identify potential criminals as well as recognise regular customers in order to provide them with personalised deals.
  • Emotion recognition: using a smart camera to assess customer satisfaction.

Computer Vision

Product Management for Private Labels

Make certain that the outsourced production of your private labels meets all of the requirements that will ensure their success. Our experts create PLMs that are capable of:

  • End-to-end lifecycle monitoring
  • Product quality control
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Product analysis and reporting at the highest level

Product Management for Private Labels

Data Analysis

Data is the foundation of all retail processes and the warrantor of their productivity. Peafowlsoft offers smart multi-level data analysis that assists retailers in:

  • Optimizing categories/SKU sales planning
  • Unlocking additional sales growth opportunities
  • Planning sales and marketing activities
  • Vendor management
  • Maximizing operational efficiency

Data Analysis

Management of Trade Promotion

Peafowlsoft’s expertise in implementing trade promotion solutions has met the needs of a client with as many as 80+ markets and developed software for a customer with 150 brands and operations on three continents. Our sophisticated systems are in charge of the entire trade promotion cycle, from planning to execution control and complex analysis, to developing a more efficient strategy based on the newly gathered data.

Management of Trade Promotion

Retail Customization Software

Peafowlsoft is prepared to create one-of-a-kind best accounting software and retail solutions that are initially tailored to your specific requirements. We work with a wide range of retail software, including:

  • ERP software for retail(including integration with the 3rd party software)
  • Point-of-Sale applications (item list, sales processing and integration with POS devices)
  • Software for back offices (item editor, inventory management, software integration)

Retail Customization Software

Loyalty Program Management

Peafowlsoft’s sophisticated loyalty program management systems will assist your company in gaining loyal customers as a result of:

  • Customer Account Management – keeps track of purchases and distribution channels
  • Analytics and Reporting – identifies trends and forecasts
  • Flexible Reward Systems – customize campaigns and special offers to meet the needs of each individual.
  • Mobile Loyalty – applications that deliver offers to your customers directly.

Loyalty Program Management

Development of a Retail Corporate Portal

Peafowlsoft experts are eager to create a new corporate portal or improve an existing one, as we did for Tata Motor’s sales organization. In any case, we will provide you with a robust, modern, and user-friendly corporate web portal that will organize, structure, and integrate your business’s processes.

Development of a Retail Corporate Portal

Solutions for Ecommerce

Our cutting-edge technologies ensure omnichannel retail ERP, which greatly expands your business. Make the first move by supplementing your brick-and-mortar business with a feature-rich custom ecommerce solution.

Solutions for Ecommerce

Virtual Reality

Peafowlsoft uses cutting-edge virtual reality technologies to create a one-of-a-kind and convenient shopping experience, such as interactive virtual stores that customers can browse from any location using popular VR platforms.

Virtual Reality
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