Managed IT Services

Managed IT solutions are a cost-effective way to keep your IT infrastructure and applications stable, cost-effective, and relevant to changing business needs.

Peafowlsoft is an IT company with over 7+ years of experience and is a dependable provider of remote monitoring, management, IT asset manager, and evolution services for on-premises and cloud infrastructures, as well as help desk services.

Managed IT Solutions Services

Components of IT Infrastructure Our Managed IT solutions address

Peafowlsoft can handle all of your Managed IT solutions infrastructure component’s daily monitoring and management, as well as long-term optimization and evolution. We manage the entire IT asset manager as a whole or any of its individual components.

it asset management tools

Components of Our Managed IT Services

Our managed IT solutions services cover a wide range of tasks, from remote infrastructure monitoring to cloud service management and configuration. Depending on your specific needs, we will gladly provide you with a tailored offer that includes any service component in any combination.

Consulting on IT infrastructure

  • Analyzing the state and problems of the IT infrastructure and making recommendations
  • Roadmap for IT infrastructure optimization and migration
  • Providing advice on how to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure.

Consulting on IT infrastructure

IT service desk

    Tech support at the L1, L2, and L3 levels:

  • Implementation of effective SOPs and ITSM processes.
  • Resolving reported incidents
  • Management of user satisfaction ratings.
  • Upkeep of the user knowledge base

IT service desk


  • Using the SecOps approach, providing security advice.
  • IT infrastructure, IT consulting and application security testing (security audit, compliance testing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing).
  • Stress testing (simulated DoS/DDoS attacks).


IT infrastructure monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring to avoid downtime.
  • Troubleshooting incidents (service not available, app bugs, security issues, etc.) and analyzing their root causes.

IT infrastructure monitoring

Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • NOC setup and introduction of efficient workflows and policies.
  • 24×7 network monitoring, health checks, incident resolution.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Applications and app infrastructures

  • Application monitoring, performance management, troubleshooting, enhancement, integration and optimization.

Applications and app infrastructures

IT infrastructure design

  • Designing a new managed IT infrastructure or its components.

IT infrastructure design

Cloud migration

  • Planning and executing application and data warehouse migration to the cloud.

Cloud migration

Cloud usage optimization

  • Optimizing cloud resource consumption to reduce cloud costs.

Cloud usage optimization

Administration of IT infrastructure

  • Regular software configuration and updates, as well as user administration.
  • Server, network, cloud, and on-premises data center management, as well as cloud services.
  • Administration: Managed IT solutions for virtual desktops.
  • Vulnerability analysis, vulnerability scanning
  • Regular compliance auditing and reporting (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, FDA, etc.)

Administration of IT infrastructure

Development infrastructures

  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines, development and testing environments.

Development infrastructures

Our Methodology for Managed IT Delivery

Managed IT Solutions - Website Development Company

Customized customer communication

  • Analyzing the information requirements of each stakeholder.
  • Discussing how to best communicate information to each stakeholder (communication means, level of detail, frequency of updates, timing, etc.).
  • Sharing relevant project status information on a regular basis.
Managed IT Solutions - CRM Software

Collaboration based on KPIs

To track the quality of the services we provide, we define tailored sets of business and IT goals.
1.The help desk
  • First-responder advantage.
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSAT).
  • Rate of resolution
  • Call abandonment rate
  • Networks/software/devices are being monitored.
  • Incidents have been identified.
  • Response time to an incident.
3.Application assistance
  • Application accessibility.
  • Requests for application changes were fulfilled.
  • Backlog of application change requests
  • Key application stakeholders are pleased.
  • User satisfaction with the application.
Managed IT Solutions - Data Analytics Consulting

Consistent and comprehensive reporting

We ensure service transparency by submitting regular reports on:
  • Achievement of team productivity and service quality KPIs.
  • Use of resources (actual versus planned).
  • Actual project problems or potential risks.
  • Revised risk management strategy, acceptability of the risks.
Managed IT Solutions - IT Solutions Website

Quarterly improvements in service delivery

  • Regular roadmap revision (stated business needs vs. current business needs; value we bring vs. the highest possible value).
  • Proactivity in terms of adding improvements or competitive advantages to the service.
Managed IT - Software for Apps Development - B2B Web Portal

Comprehensive knowledge transfer

  • Detailed process descriptions and policies regulating IT service provisioning.
  • Knowledge transfer to your in-house architects, developers, testers, DevOps engineers, IT support specialists, DBAs, and security administrators.
Managed IT - Software for Apps Development - B2B Web Portal

Flexibility in cooperation models

  • Complete managed IT services: taking the whole responsibility for your IT infrastructure component(s). We can also manage other IT services vendors of yours.
  • Co-managed cooperation model: cooperating with your internal IT infrastructure department or other IT services vendors.

How Much Will Your Managed IT Services Cost?

Per-ticket pricing

  • Best for: L1, L2 support, security management.
  • At the start of cooperation, we define the ticket cost, and you get charged based on the volume of incidents we resolve monthly.

Fixed monthly fee

  • Best for: L3 support (defect fixes, minor functional changes), security management.
  • You pay in advance at a reduced hourly rate for a bunch of hours during which we deliver continuous support.

Time & Material (hourly billing)

  • Best for: Evolution of applications and/or IT infrastructure components (introducing substantial changes or adding new functionality)
  • You receive the end-of-the-month invoice based on the hours or efforts reported per month.

Mixed model (fixed monthly fee )

  • Best for: long-term cooperation entailing miscellaneous services.
  • You can combine different pricing models best fitting the required activities comprising your service suite.

The costs will also depend on:
    The service package (continuous monitoring and troubleshooting, L1-L3 help desk, migration, etc.).
    IT infrastructure type (cloud, on-premises).
    IT infrastructure complexity.
    SLA package (time coverage, number of issues included) and target KPIs.
    We will be pleased to provide a customized estimate for you.
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