How We Work

Starting from the moment of your request and throughout the project we direct all energy and efforts to be your reliable partner.

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Process of Collaboration

The Client comes to Peafowlsoft with some business needs or idea, often not fully formed and clear. We offer options of collaboration and services depending on the request. Understanding that your idea needs protection, we guarantee your information privacy from a third party and sign the NDA.

In order to best organize our future collaboration, we offer four different types of contracts:

    the Fixed Price
    Time & Materials

The contract type option is chosen depending on the amount of work, your wishes, the depth, and uniqueness of understanding the requirements for functionality, the availability of documentation. The start of work begins with the signing of an agreement by email. Work is usually divided into 2-4-week stages. We perform the stages, and the client pays only for accepted results. After completion of the work, the entire warranty period, the bug-fixing is at our own expense.

Development Cycle

  • 1chat

    Consumer Chat

    Our communication put forward us to allot eyesight and reveals general information about your project such as focus, specification, platform need and devices, etc.

  • 2Scopeanalysis

    Scope Analysis

    The most determinant step for development. Upon the submission of the Request for Quote, We assign a dedicated team to gather and building.

  • 3Wireframe

    Wireframing & UI

    STEP – 3Now a designer can play a role in developed user interactive layouts and scenarios. On the other hand, Under your guidelines.

  • 4Implementation


    Our implementation process starts with preparing Technical Design Documents (TDD), Project Plans and Test Plans. The whole task of work is divided into multiple small parts and parallelize for better efficiency of iterative implementation.

  • 5Optimization


    If your product is responsive, smooth and fast than your product will love by users. That’s the way we create it for you. We optimize all the possible parts of the product which will all along the way and boost its performance.

  • 6testing


    Our QA department dedicated engineer tested your product result of each iteration is implemented by our dedicated engineer. It is provided to you as a demonstration of results, along with an estimate for the next iteration.

  • 7product-launch

    Product Launch

    We take the responsibility of deploying your software whenever and wherever you require. The source code is your property, as is the deployed product and all the documentation.

  • 8Process

    Iterative Process

    The main advantage of iterative development is the ability to build an ever-relevant product, adapt to changes, launch the MVP of high quality as soon as possible.

Core Values

  • Partnership approach

    Partnership relations between a customer and the service provider is associated with the depth of contact between the parties. As the service provider, we aim at developing top-quality solutions for a reasonable price for our customers. Also, you can always count on to our help and advice, as well as respect for your resources, both temporary and monetary.

  • Focus on the result, not the process

    We struggle to design the most effective system within your budget and deliver the product on time. For this, we suggest Agile methodologies, 3 different types of contracts, and own products to speed up the development and meet your requirements.

  • A deep study before an action

    We perform business analysis to study thoroughly our customer’s company structure and business processes. We examine framing documents, current software systems, and technical surroundings to determine the ways to improve business processes, increase productivity, and hit APIs target levels.

  • Driving innovation

    We do not stand still and suggest you creating top-notch applications using cutting-edge technologies. We follow the latest trends in web application development and such master technologies such as machine learning.


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