Offshore software development

We are developed custom software development from long-term strategy involves outsourcing. This experience allows us to offer top software developers, assemble dedicated teams, and build lasting business relationships with our clients around the world—mostly from the Australia and Canada countries.

We work to solve your business problem and achieve your business goals with a software product. We learn more about your needs to suggest the optimal solution from a technical point of view. We form dedicated teams that can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your existing business and technological environments. We offer changeability and transparency of project management processes. Competitive pricing makes our services a cost-effective solution to your business problems. Eventually, we ensure timely delivery of your software product regularly.

Offshore software development


Full-cycle software development

you provide a requirement or a dedicated Product Sponsor, and we build the software from the ground up.

Standalone functionality development

to help you extend the offer, we make additional features or applications for your product which require certain development skills – for example, a mobile version, windows app and so on.

Team extension

a flexible team or individual developers complement your project with the needed technical skills.




Software cost less than expected

Our experienced team can assist your verdict makers in feature prioritization and start implementing the most important ones, one after another adding feature with importance. We can also advise you on what features can be developed with a relatively small investment.

Software development consecutive out of budget

We stick to the budget stated in the agreement. Alternatively, we can make software under the Time and Pricing model. In this area, we help you manage software outsourcing costs by clearly defining the budget for every project milestone and advising you on possible project scope innovation.

Software development that can takes a too long time

We have ready-made building blocks materials where possible to save time on developing software from the nail. Our software gets numerous releases, which allows us to deliver a meaningful software product as early as possible. We also have enough human resource to gauge up a project team quickly to accelerate the software development procedure.

Software maintenance can be causing troubles

Being acquainted with your software product from within, our technical team specializes in providing maintenance and support services at different levels. We optimize the product architecture to make your software maintenance budget lower than you expected.

Software development procedure that is not transparent enough

Our professional will provide reports for you to monitor the project team performance as often as agreed with you. In shrewd projects, we also facilitate direct communication between your project sponsor and the developers working on your project.


Adaptive processes and project development culture

    We follow manifold software development methodologies and pedagogy to work efficiently with both well-defined project scope.
    We estimate, plan and test thoroughly to stay within cost and time during project development.
    We ensure formally communicate with our valuable customers.


our company enables short time ramp-up (2-3 weeks) and easy scaling up and down in line with your product’s needs.

Professional-looking UI Design

Our in-house UI designer team that will make your software product look effective & modern and set across all browsers and screens.

Diligent architecture

ruling out performance problems and creating a stable foundation for future updates as your business grows.

High-quality programming

we do not achieve a shorter time-to-market by compromising software panegyric – we achieve it by making quality assurance go in sync with the development process.


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