Cybersecurity Services – Protect Your Applications and Network

Our goal is to assess and improve the cyber securities of applications and networks. PeafowlSoft provides end-to-end information security services ranging from IT security consulting to penetration testing services and improving cybersecurity posture in order to reduce risks and minimize the consequences of cyberattacks. Our experienced professionals offer a wide range of innovative services to meet your organization’s cybersecurity needs.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services by Peafowlsoft

We provide a variety of cyber securities to our customers, including

-Reduce the number of security flaws in web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as in the networks of our clients.

-Ensure that they are always in compliance with applicable regulations and standards (PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA).

Endpoint security is a critical part of any organization’s cyber security strategy. And Peafowlsoft is here to help you protect your endpoints with our comprehensive cyber security training course.

Assessment and planning for security

  • Consultation on information security
  • IT infrastructure and component security testing
  • Stress testing entails simulating DDoS / DoS attacks

Assessment and planning for security

Application safety

  • Examine the security codes
  • Management of mobile devices and mobile applications
  • Cloud safety
  • Web application safety

Application safety

Network security

  • SIEM
  • Email security
  • Firewalls, IDS/IPS, and DLP implementation and configuration
  • Antivirus defence

Network security

Security Assessment and Planning

Peafowlsoft provides comprehensive security assessment and planning services for IT infrastructure components such as

Web, mobile, and desktop applications

Services for networks

IoT device


Employee behavior

By offering our competencies in the areas listed below, we assist our customers in identifying their security risks and defining the measures to mitigate those risks.
Information Security Consulting

Consultation on information security

Our security experts will advise you on how to monitor the security of your cyber environment, detect vulnerabilities in your network or apps, improve the performance of your information security solutions, and ensure the security of your sensitive data.

Security testing of IT infrastructures and its components

IT infrastructure and component security testing

We identify security flaws in components of our customer’s IT environments. Peafowlsoft’s security team thoroughly examines your IT infrastructure’s security and devises measures to reduce the number of endpoint security flaws within your network and apps.

The security testing services complex consists of the following components:
Audit of infrastructure security

Our security team examines your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities in the following areas:

  • Policies and procedures for security.
  • Tools for security monitoring.
  • Control of physical access.
  • Configuration administration.
  • Version management.
Testing for compliance

Our security engineers scan your IT environment and its components, both automatically and manually, to ensure compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulations and standards. The security team issues you a detailed attestation letter based on the testing results.

Vulnerability analysis

Peafowlsoft conducts automated and manual security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in their customer’s IT infrastructures. Our network security testing team finds, quantifies, and ranks network security flaws. Based on the assessment results, we make recommendations to our customers to help them eliminate security risks.

Testing for penetration

Peafowlsoft is a certified penetration testing company that identifies system flaws, validates existing security measures, and provides a comprehensive remediation roadmap. The team performs penetration testing service using one of three approaches, each of which is equipped with specialized tools and industry-specific test scenarios:

    • Black box testing. We work under realistic conditions, with only a limited understanding of your network and no knowledge of the security policies, network structure, software, or network protection employed.
    • Grey box testing. We examine your system with some network information, such as user login details, architecture diagrams, or a network overview.
    • White box testing. We identify potential flaws by utilising administrative privileges and access to server configuration files, database encryption principles, source code, and architecture documentation.
Stress testing

Stress testing entails simulating DDoS / DoS attacks

Peafowlsoft’s security testing team assesses the stability of your infrastructure and its components by testing them beyond their normal operational capacity using specialized tools such as Siege and Apache JMeter. We use our knowledge to simulate DDOS protection (denial of service) or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on your network or applications in order to:

  • Determine whether the robustness of software or hardware under stress conditions is satisfactory (e.g., heavy network traffic, process loading).
  • Determine potential errors that may occur as a result of system overloading.

Application Safety

Applications that are poorly coded and inadequately protected can put a company at risk and result in data breaches. Peafowlsoft provides their expertise and knowledge in assessing and testing the security of applications (web, mobile, and desktop), as well as assisting their customers in achieving effective protection of corporate data stored locally or remotely.

  • 4.Security-code-review

    Examine the security codes

    Each programming language has quirks that can lead to security flaws during development. Peafowlsoft’s security experts identify existing flaws in your applications before they go live.

    Our security engineers perform automated and manual security code reviews and, if necessary, engage senior developers and architects to assist you in:

      • Detect errors introduced into an application during development in order to improve software quality and increase its level of protection.
      • Highlight weak points in your app’s source code where vulnerabilities could occur.
      • Determine the most cost-effective methods for eliminating security flaws discovered in applications.

  • 6.Cloud-security

    Cloud safety

    Peafowlsoft assists their clients in securing their cloud solutions. As a Gold Microsoft Business Partner, we have the expertise to tune specialized security components such as Azure Security Center, which enables security management and threat protection across cloud workloads.

    Peafowlsoft’s security engineers can implement and configure appropriate cloud security measures and cloud protection solutions to ensure:

      • Constant and efficient monitoring of your cloud application’s security.
      • Analyzing event logs from your cloud solutions and detecting suspicious activity as soon as possible.
      • Remediation of potential security flaws in your cloud environment.
      • Implementing the necessary security policies to ensure that your cloud solutions meet the necessary security standards.

  • 5.Mobile-device-management

    Management of mobile devices and mobile applications

    With the proliferation of mobile devices, mobile applications, and programmes used within corporate networks, businesses must manage and secure their use. Peafowlsoft provides expertise in implementing control measures and applying appropriate device management policies to the installation of new mobile apps.

    To ensure mobile security, our security testing team has extensive experience correctly installing and tuning mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) solutions such as Microsoft Intune. We can fine-tune the mobile security services you choose to use and properly set the necessary policies for you to:

      • Ensure that devices (both corporate and personal) and applications are in accordance with your internal security policies and requirements.

  • 7.Web-application-security

    Web application safety

    Peafowlsoft’s security experts ensure that a website, web app, or web service is properly protected.

      • Our security testing team performs vulnerability assessments to ensure that proper encryption, authentication, and other security measures are in place in a web app, web service, or website.
      • Based on the evaluation results, our security engineers provide valuable recommendations to customers on how to improve the security level of their web solutions.
      • We provide penetration testing services (as a one-time or ongoing service) to provide customers with detailed information on real security threats they may face, as well as to identify the most critical security flaws, allowing our customers to priorities remediation measures and apply necessary security patches.

Network Security

You can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of privacy spoofing, identity or company proprietary information theft, Man-in-the-Middle, and DDoS attacks by specifically increasing corporate network security.

  • 8.SIEM_


    With a QRadar-based SIEM solution, Peafowlsoft’s security engineers can provide you with a 360-degree view of your IT environment and accurate analytical data on security events in real time.

    We provide a comprehensive range of QRadar-related services.

      • QRadar provides consulting services. We assist you in developing a relevant strategy for smoothly integrating QRadar into your corporate IT landscape.
      • Design of the QRadar deployment architecture. We create your QRadar’s technical design in accordance with collaboratively pre-defined system requirements, and we integrate QRadar into your security network.
      • QRadar installation. QRadar is deployed to ensure the proper operation of its modules as well as the platform’s high performance and scalability.
      • Fine-tuning QRadar. We connect log sources to QRadar, normalise data flowing to it, configure its modules to process events from multiple network objects, and create custom correlation rules to allow QRadar to properly reveal complex attacks and detect security violations.
      • QRadar migration. We migrate your SIEM solution that does not meet security requirements to QRadar so that the platform can assist you in identifying and responding to emerging threats.
      • Our SIEM consultants created a standalone tool QLEAN for IBM Security QRadar SIEM.modules and the platform’s high performance and scalability for an advanced health check of a QRadar solution.

  • 9.DDoS-protection

    DDoS protection

    If a company decides to use a special online solution, such as CloudFlare, to protect their network from DDoS attacks, Peafowlsoft has security experts who are skilled at properly implementing and configuring such solutions. Our security engineers configured them to:

      • Prevent network disruptions caused by unusually large amounts of malicious traffic.
      • Maintain your IT environment’s components in a high-availability state.
      • Analyze cyberattacks as soon as they occur and allow you to adjust the security policies in place within the corporate —-network to avoid similar cyberattacks in the future.

  • 10.Email-security

    Email safety

    We can assist our customers in keeping their corporate information secure in email communication and safe from unauthorised access, loss, and other threats. Peafowlsoft’s security experts will safeguard your network against phishing, spamming, malware, and other email-related attacks. We’ve gained the necessary experience by working with major vendor solutions such as FortiGate and Cisco.

      • Integrate the email security solution of your choice into your company’s infrastructure to ensure that it runs smoothly.
      • Tune the email security service you’ve chosen to keep your sensitive corporate data from being lost or (un)intentionally shared via email by your employees.
      • Configure your email security solution correctly to reduce the likelihood of your company facing email security threats.

  • 11.Firewalls

    Firewalls, IDS / IPS, DLP implementation and setting

    Peafowlsoft’s security team implements and configures special solutions to control incoming network traffic, scan it for potential attacks, and block them. We recommend that you implement the following cybersecurity measures:

      • Identity theft, malware, online fraud, and other common cyberthreats from the internet can all be avoided with hardware or software firewall protection.
      • An intrusion detection system (IDS) to promptly alert your system administrators to suspicious network activity, and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) to stop attacks before they become serious security issues.
      • A data loss prevention (DLP) system to prevent critical corporate information from leaving your network as a result of careless user behaviour.

  • 12.Antivirus-protection

    Antivirus Protection

    The security engineers at Peafowlsoft configure antivirus protection to:

      • Improve network security against viruses, spyware, and other types of malicious software downloaded from the internet or external drives.
      • Increase your network’s protection against phishing and spoofing internet attacks aimed at stealing your sensitive data.
      • To prevent various types of cyberthreats from affecting the security of your corporate data, give your system administrators advanced control over any web activities occurring across your network.
      • Remove potentially harmful software and threats, preventing them from infiltrating further into your network.

Cooperation Models

We are prepared to provide you with cybersecurity services based on the collaboration model you select

Consultation on information security

Consultation on information security

We are a certified cyber security company that provides one-time services to assess, test, and improve the security of your network, application, or other IT environment component. This cooperation model may assist you in forming an opinion about the vendor and deciding whether or not to work with them in the future. When familiarising itself with the part of the IT environment that the customer wishes to protect, our security testing team thoroughly studies the details, for example, gathering and comprehending information on software installed on network devices. Following that, our security engineers perform the necessary cyber security information and compile a report on the outcomes.

Managed services

Managed services

Choosing specialised managed services (managed vulnerability assessment, managed email security, managed IT CRM security and managed cloud security) entails developing long-term relationships with a single vendor. We can assess, test, or improve your security level after gathering information on your IT infrastructure during the first project, allowing us to spend less time on the project and save you money. Peafowlsoft recommends including the appropriate services in your list of regular tasks to avoid a decrease in the protection of your IT infrastructure elements. We have the resources necessary to ensure that your company’s security needs and regulatory requirements are met.

IT management services

IT management services

Peafowlsoft offers security services as part of our comprehensive managed IT services for complex IT systems on a remote basis, ensuring that our customers remain technologically advanced while also being protected. We provide integration, maintenance, and security assurance for LANs and VPNs, IDSs/IPSs and firewalls, and antivirus protection.

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