UI/UX Services

UI/UX services include the processes of designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of any web-based solution. Peafowlsoft expertly balances technology, visual aesthetics, and business objectives in each of its web design projects, resulting in fast-loading, impactful, and high-converting online experiences.

We are UI/UX professionals who can assist you in creating a successful website. Our team is coming up with innovative design concepts and employing industry-leading tools to create powerful projects that interact with users and provide a consistent experience across all devices.

Our user interface and user experience (UI/UX) services are designed to assist your website get momentum among products. We’re here to add smart functions to your website to make it more user-friendly and appealing. Our skilled team can help you increase website traffic and make it more effective by providing the top UI/UX services and IT Infrastructure Services in the Gujarat, India.

UI/UX Services

Why Peafowlsoft

    6+ years of experience in digital design.
    Teams of UI and UX designers with years of practical experience.
    Design that is responsive and performance-driven.
    Concentrate on conversions.
    Adherence to SEO and, if necessary, WCAG2 guidelines.
    Agile processes that are well-established.
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Advantages of Using Peafowlsoft for Web Design

  • Design that is competitive

    We combine your brand’s style with the most recent web design trends, based on data gathered through competitor company analysis, market studies, and user research. This approach enables us to provide one-of-a-kind, highly competitive designs that strengthen your brand identity, reflect your brand’s values, and support your marketing objectives.

  • Concentrate on your Business’s goals

    When designing a website or web portal, our team always keeps your specific marketing and customer service goals in mind. We establish fruitful collaboration with stakeholders in order to comprehend your business processes and deliver a design that will support your individual conversion strategy.

  • Specifically tailored to your target audience

    At the start of the project, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your users’ expectations. The information we use to tailor your visuals comes from usability studies (in the case of a web solution in development) or a thorough UX and UI audit (in case of an already developed web solution).

Web Design Service Options

While we offer one-time web design, we also recommend continuous design support services, which allow for the continuous evolution of your ever-growing web solution. We work closely with your team to gradually implement improvements and changes based on regular user surveys and A/B testing, ensuring a superior user experience.

  • Design of an ecommerce website

    Fresh and elegant ecommerce design to increase the lifetime value of your customers and facilitate up/cross selling.

  • B2C website / portal design

    Customer-centric design results in increased dwell time, lower user error rates, and increased user engagement.

  • B2B website / portal design

    Industry-specific design to increase the frequency of email subscriptions, pre-registrations for future services, and quote/demo requests.

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User Interface (UI) Design

The goal of UI design services is to create visually appealing, brand-enhancing digital interfaces that attract and retain users. Peafowlsoft provides UI solutions and IT solutions that are tailored to your audience, reflect customer values, and effectively support your business objectives.

increase in clicks when software’s user interface design is responsive


increase in clicks when software’s user interface design is responsive
consumers consider design the most important part in interaction with software


consumers consider design the most important part in interaction with software
consumers abandon a product with even minor UI glitches


consumers abandon a product with even minor UI glitches

What You Get With Our User Interface Design

Peafowlsoft understands that high-quality design is critical to the commercial success of any digital venture. As a result, we guarantee:

  • Design that is competitive and tailored

    We create unique UI designs that help you get a leg up on your competitors by combining current design trends with your customers’ individual user experience needs.

  • Create to meet your customer service and marketing goals

    We design user interfaces that meet all of your marketing and customer service objectives, including increased conversion rate, user engagement, and retention, thanks to extensive research, multiple rounds of real user testing, and collaboration with stakeholders.

  • Early design prototypes

    Before signing the contract, we show you the draughts and samples of your UI design project to ensure we’re on the same page and share the same project vision.

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UI UX Service Design Options

We can provide any of the options listed below as either one-time design services or ongoing design support, allowing us to integrate with your team and help your website evolve over time

Website Design

A visually appealing user interface will encourage your visitors to spend more time on your website.

Mobile app Design

A visually appealing and user-friendly mobile user interface that will place your application on user’s home screens.

Web and mobile design

A responsive web app for desktop and mobile devices, or a mobile app and a web app with a unified user interface.

SaaS design

Create cutting-edge SaaS UI that is tailored to the preferences of your software product’s target audience.

User Experience (UX) Design

User experience design services are concerned with creating fluid interaction flows between users and software. Peafowlsoft’s all-encompassing approach to UX design ensures superior user satisfaction, resulting in increased feature use and dwell time for all types of web and mobile software.

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What UX Services Are Provided

  • User Analysis and Research

    Competitor analysis, web analytics, user interviews, and preliminary user testing will help you understand your user’s goals, needs, and mental models.

  • Creating Personas and Scenarios

    Analyzed data is used to create personas – fictional profiles of your real users – which serve as the foundation for scenarios – patterns of user-software interaction.

  • Mapping the User Journey

    Various scenarios are combined to create a comprehensive user journey map that covers all possible points of interaction between users and your UI design software.

  • Prototyping and Wireframing

    The user journey map is converted into a series of wireframes. When you put them together, you get a prototype that gives you a clear vision of a future web or mobile app without requiring you to invest in front-end code development.

  • Testing

    Thorough usability testing of the finished prototype to ensure the quality of the UX design and eliminate the possibility of critical UX errors prior to front-end development.

Why UX Design Matters


users switch to a competitor if they aren’t satisfied with current UI UX Agency


conversion improvement on sites and apps with high-quality UI/UX Design


returned on each $1 invested in user experience
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What You Get with Our UX Design

  • a14

    Result-Oriented Approach

    We are a UI UX design company that always begins with UX research (in the case of software in development) or a UX audit (in the case of developed software) to learn what benefits user experience design or redesign can provide you. We also recommend iterative UX optimization, which allows you to introduce UX improvements and analyse their impact as you go.

  • a3

    Coverage of the Maximum User Flow

    We make certain that personas reflect all of your audience’s typical behaviour patterns when creating them. As a result, our user scenarios, which include personas at their core, cover 90 percent to 95 percent of all possible interaction scenarios. We conduct additional research during the user journey mapping stage to make up for the remaining 10%.

  • a2

    Bundle of UX and UI Design Services

    Although UI design and UX design are distinct processes with distinct deliverables, they are inextricably linked and share the goal of facilitating user interaction with software. When you choose our UX and UI design services as a package, you benefit from faster delivery due to pre-existing collaboration.

UX Design Service Options

We offer UX design as a one-off service or as continuous UX support, in which we iteratively improve your user experience throughout the time of our collaboration.

UX Design Studio includes wireframe design tools, wireframing and research, prototyping and usability testing services.

Our UX Design team is dedicated to creating beautiful, engaging user experiences that solve real business problems. We handle all aspects of your interaction design process, from consulting to solutions and beyond.

Ecommerce UX design

Online store experience that will greatly increase your average customer lifetime value.

Ecommerce UX design

SaaS UX design

SaaS user experience that ensures fast onboarding and high subscription renewal rate.

SaaS UX design

Web and/or mobile app UX design

Stellar UX of your app across all devices to increase the number of visitors and their session time.

Web and/or mobile app UX design

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