CRM Implementation Services

CRM implementation services are designed to help businesses optimise their sales, marketing, and customer care processes by implementing platform-based or custom CRM solutions.

Peafowlsoft carries out CRM implementation to help firms minimise lead acquisition and conversion costs, as well as customer retention costs, with over 6 years of experience in CRM services.

CRM Implementation Services

With Properly Implemented CRM

With Properly Implemented CRM, You Get


opportunities per sales rep due to more efficient prospect conversion paths


increase in email conversions due to more effective campaigns with personalized email content


sales win-rate increase and 28% sales revenue increase due to sales process automation and visibility


reduction in support tickets due to self-service capabilities

Benefits of CRM Implementation with Peafowlsoft

Quick implementation

Quick implementation

We can offer the initial CRM version in 1-2 months, allowing you to begin using CRM to tackle your urgent issues sooner. After that, we go into CRM evolution mode, where we continue to add more particular functionality to your CRM so that it can satisfy the full range of your needs and provide sophisticated process automation capabilities. 

Secured ROI

Secured ROI

Prior to CRM deployment, we provide a business case and evaluate CRM ROI for your specific situation.

Choose Your CRM Implementation Service Option

Implementing a B2B CRM

Provide individualised customer service to generate quality leads, streamline the sales process with many stakeholders, and increase client loyalty.

Implementing a B2B CRM

Implementation of a B2C CRM

Improve sales team efficiency, shorten the lead conversion cycle, and respond quickly to client enquiries. 

Implementation of a B2C CRM

Implementation of an ecommerce CRM

With email marketing automation, you can lower your cost per lead, increase customer retention, and manage orders quickly and efficiently.

Implementation of an ecommerce CRM

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