CRM Testing Services Focused on Business Continuity

CRM testing ensures that complicated CRM procedures run smoothly, that CRM data is consistent and secure, and that CRM integrates seamlessly with other corporate technologies.

Peafowlsoft has 6 years of CRM testing experience and can evaluate custom and platform-based CRM systems for functionality, integration, compatibility, security, and usability.

CRM Testing Services

CRM Aspects We Test

CRM functionality

CRM functionality

Peafowlsoft’s test engineers assess a wide range of CRM functionality to ensure that all functions are carried out as specified in the CRM requirements specification:

  • Sales: tailored automated engagement with prospects via IP telephony, emails, web forms, lead and case assignment are just a few examples.
  • Marketing: automated campaign and event management, email marketing, and social media integration are all examples of marketing.
  • Client service: case management, assignment, and prioritising, among other things
CRM security

CRM security

Because your CRM stores a lot of sensitive client information, it’s subject to data breaches. So, in order for your CRM to be genuinely safe, our test team does vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and other operations. Furthermore, CRM is used by a number of employees with varying levels of access. As a result, you must ensure that each user has access that is specific to their role. Role-based access control validation is also performed by our test engineers.

CRM usability

CRM usability

CRM needs to be convenient and user-friendly. Otherwise, its bugged and inconvenient UI can make the dedicated employees just give up on it. Usability testing organized by our UX researchers gives an insight into how easy it is to use CRM and what UI improvements can be introduced.

CRM integrations

CRM integrations

Even if your CRM is swift and smooth in everyday use, you must ensure that it can withstand peak sales occasions like as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Your CRM’s scalability and stability are determined through performance testing. Our test team simulates hundreds or thousands of virtual users using CRM at the same time to assess response time and loading speed, as well as the maximum number of users, peak hour performance, and endurance under continuous stress.

CRM analytics

CRM analytics

CRM should give you with precise facts that you may use to create meaningful sales forecasts. Our test team does extensive data warehouse testing to ensure that your data warehouse does not give incomprehensible or inaccurate data to your CRM. Our test engineers also check the accuracy of data presentation in reports and dashboards to ensure that your CRM analytics results are accurate.

How We Can Cooperate

Testing during CRM implementation

Best for: CRM implementation companies.

  • Our independent CRM testing ensures your end customer’s CRM functions correctly, enables smooth user journeys, and lives up to its performance requirements.
  • Out testing teams adapt to the communication pattern and schedule, defects’ reporting tools and processes convenient for your implementation team.

User acceptance testing

Best for: CRM ordering companies.

  • CRM testing by Peafowlsoft ensures that the given CRM meets all functional, usability, performance, and security standards.
  • We do CRM integration testing to ensure flawless end-to-end business workflows and data consistency by examining communication and data exchange between your CRM and other enterprise systems.

Managed testing services

Best for: CRM ordering companies requiring continuous CRM testing.

  • Peafowlsoft handles all aspects of CRM user acceptance testing (including functional, performance, integration, security, usability testing).
  • To support the seamless evolution of your CRM, we conducted exploratory, regression, and release testing.
  • If necessary, our cybersecurity engineers can also conduct regular security and compliance testing.

CRM Testing Process We Follow


The analysis of a CRM requirements specification

The test team at Peafowlsoft delves into the nuances and needs of a CRM project. If any of the requirements (functional, UI, reliability, safety, and operational) are missing, our QA manager is ready to step in and help you gather and compile them.


Analysis of hazards and the creation of a mitigation plan

Our test lead identifies the potential hazards of a CRM testing project, assesses potential losses, and determines preventative measures. Testing mistakes and excessive testing spending can be avoided with early risk detection and a mitigation plan. 


The creation of a testing strategy and a test plan

Our test lead creates a test plan, which is the most complete and high-level test document that includes testing objectives, scope, testing time, cost, and human resources, among other things. The strategy for future testing is another important test document that was prepared.


Design and implementation of tests

Our test engineers create and execute test cases and scenarios based on the test strategy. The test automation experts at Peafowlsoft write test cases that are appropriate for automation and perform automated testing.


Report on the test results

A test summary report is provided by Peafowlsoft’s test lead. This report includes a summary of testing activity, coverage, and CRM problems discovered. 

CRM Testing Challenges That We Address

CRM modifications are linked to severe regression errors

The initial CRM toolset will not be ideal and will not be able to meet all user requirements. As a result, CRM capabilities must be constantly improved. CRM customizations, custom-developed add-ons, and additional purchased functionality can all lead to major regression issues in customer management processes that are all interconnected. Because OOTB features are designed to be ready-to-use, some test teams skip regression testing after customising them. All CRM modifications and amendments, including seemingly innocuous ones, are subjected to regression testing by our test team. 

Test automation that isn't needed

CRM testing is suited for automation due to its extensive functionality, many workflows, and big amounts of customer data. Unwise test automation, on the other hand, might result in excessive testing costs and time. Test automation isn’t suited for every CRM testing assignment. Automating tests is pointless for small-scale projects or those with a constantly changing set of requirements. During the examination of software requirements and potential testing risks, Peafowlsoft’s test automation engineers will advise on the optimum extent of automated testing involvement for your CRM testing project. 

CRM user adoption is low

CRM success hinges on user acceptance. Inconvenient and illogical CRM user interfaces might cause sales, marketing, and customer service professionals to overlook or even avoid using CRM services. The usability of CRM navigation and structure, as well as the logic of its processes and use scenarios, are all validated by Peafowlsoft’s test team. In addition, our test engineers can track potential touchpoints that CRM users may encounter while doing daily operations, ensuring that CRM content is well-organized and accessible. 


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