Custom CRM Development

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are used to collect, organise, and analyse data from all customer interactions across numerous channels in order to tailor the customer experience, strengthen customer relationships, and increase corporate efficiency. 

Custom CRM Development

You Choose CRM Functionality to Build



Aids your sales staff in properly organising daily plans, prioritising leads, and managing work hours in order to continually provide great sales results.

  • Centralization of sales data.
  • Sales workflow automation.
  • Lead and account management.
  • Tools for sales team collaboration.
  • Sales intelligence.
  • Sales reporting and forecasting.
Marketing & Customer engagement

Custom CRM Development

Personalized client communication is possible across multiple touchpoints.

  • Customer segmentation.
  • Email marketing.
  • No-code email and landing page design.
  • Customer journey builder.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Digital advertising.
  • Mobile communication.
Customer service

Customer service

Contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty by assisting in the quick resolution of client concerns.

  • Multi-channel case management.
  • Intelligent case routing from multiple communication channels.
  • Case escalation.
  • A knowledge base with useful articles.
  • Field service management
CPQ & Billing

CPQ & Billing

Automates quotes and makes it easier to respond to customers quickly, boosting the chances of a sale.

  • Complex quotation generation using established criteria, such as quantity, optional features, discounts, and so on.
  • Multiple price books, seasonal discounts, channel pricing, multi-tier pricing, and other features are available.
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities are automatically detected.
  • Automation of the billing process.
Order fulfillment

Order fulfilment

Ensures that orders are filled and delivered with precision and speed. For high order volumes, it scales up.

  • Omnichannel order management.
  • Automated submission of make-to-order requests for configurable orders.
  • Support for back-to-back and drop-shipped orders.
  • Intelligent order allocation to different inventory locations.
  • Automated generation of packing slips.
  • Return management.
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Allows customers to self-serve, which decreases customer service workload.

  • A customer portal with your company’s branding.
  • A knowledge base that is open to the public.
  • Forum for customers.
  • Document management for customers.
  • Submission of a customer service request.
  • Managing and placing orders.

Ensure that data insight is available across all business functions

Before committing to any activities, data-driven decision-making will assist you understand the impact and ROI of your business decisions. As a result, you may obtain improved client engagement, cost savings and efficiency advantages across corporate operations, as well as high sales consistency. Native analytics integrated into your CRM systems provide you with the following benefits:

    Automation of corporate data collection saves time.
    AI-powered data insights that react to changes in the source data in real time.
    Incorporate smart ideas for the next best actions into your business operations.
Ensure that data insight is available across all business functions

What Custom CRM Development Services Include

Business analysis

Analyze the business

Involves looking into your business goals and recommending CRM solutions to help you achieve them.

CRM development

Development of a CRM

Involves customising your CRM solution to meet your business needs or creating custom features from start. 

Quality assurance

Assurance of high quality

Involves testing that the CRM functionality works as expected, as well as identifying problems and flaws in the system. 

Risk and change management

Risk and change management

Implies defining a change strategy and steps to make changes safely and avoid unwelcomed consequences a change process can entail.

Data migration from legacy CRM or spreadsheets

Data migration from legacy CRM or spreadsheets

Is transferring your data into a new CRM solution without data loss, corruption or impact on your live business processes. 

User training

User training

Means teaching employees to adopt CRM’s functionality and use it efficiently. 

Production rollout

Rollout of production

It entails moving the CRM solution to a production environment where end users may fully utilise its features. 

Support and evolution

Support and development

It’s possible that CRM features and processes will need to be fine-tuned to meet new user demands. In other circumstances, assistance may comprise continuing enhancements targeted at assisting CRM in evolving and keeping up with the company’s digital transition. 

Pick Your Custom CRM Option

Customized platform-based solutions

  • Customizability
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy implementation of changes

Customized platform-based solutions
Fully custom CRM solution built from scratch

  • Fully tailored to specific needs
  • No need to pay for the features you don’t use
  • No subscription fee

Fully custom CRM solution built from scratch

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