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  • Store Management Software
    Boost your business with creating way.
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    We introduce new application, which is based on desktop to manage,
    store's products, stock, accounting, purchase & sell with barcode system,
    profit & loss, dealers, customers & reports.
    RetechStudio Enrich your personal business..!
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  • Enriched ASP.NET Technology
    Training on .NET Technology
    Join us as we explore cognitive technology, and learn about .NET in Web, Desktop and Mobile
    technology will impact analytics and demand for human interaction on the next episode of
    Modern Workplace.
    Provide live project training.
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  • Explore the Innovation
    in Thoughts
    PeafowlSoft apex in solving
    complex business challenge
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  • Enormous thoughts for development
    We put !dea into action...
    SDLC is our key-stone to put new innovation in
    software development & design
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  • Community Management Software
    . Faster
    . Better
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    DigitalSamaj is community and society management web based application
    which can concoction among all the members who communicate,
    manage & understand each other.
    digitalSamaj boost solidarity..!
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  • PeafowlSoft is optimized
    to every development
    We learn something new after every development,
    due to our alternation is enhance.
    Learn More!
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Business Objective

Business objectives are the goals, aims or purpose of the business.Our business tries to achieve these goals and fulfillment of our clients requirement.

Analyse & Technology Evaluation

Technology evaluation is one of the most significant methodologies in innovation and technology transfer, utilised in screening new ideas and assessing innovative.

Project Management & Delivery

By implementing the project management & delivery which is best practices, organizations can dramatically improve their project success rates.

digitalSamaj - Family & Community welfare system

Services We Offer

Application Development

Customized applications will help you streamline and expedite your operations thus making the processes glib. By engaging PeafowlSoft for developing your applications you will be benefitted in terms of cost and quality of resources and development.

Web Development

Earlier businesses were operated via desktop applications, but as the time is flying, technology has brought turning points in all of our lives and everything has gone on web which makes everything easy accessible from any place at any point of time.

.NET Development

Microsoft .NET framework is the most flexible, secure and robust software development environment which supports multiple programming languages and libraries for developing all scale applications sufficing the business needs.