E-learning provides an opportunity of skill development and knowledge gain from anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Schools and Higher education institutes are facing closures due to the spread of the COVID-19. During this period a noticeable impact is observed in take up of digital learning by students and professionals.

EET English Pvt Ltd
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By 2020, video conferencing applications, dedicated dynamic content websites, and the evolution of the internet will have improved electronic communication, access, and transfer of educational resources. Learners have begun to use language learning apps or online flashcards, schools have begun to use online classroom services, and professionals have begun to pursue various online certifications and degree programmes, among other things. As a result, the platform’s main focus is on English language learners who have completed level one to higher and are fluent in English speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Client not only focuses on students, but also represents this platform to English Tutors or Professionals who want to start a teaching career using this platform and improve theirlanguage skills, as well as English Institutes who want to run their classes using this platform, including one-on-one student evolution programmes and online classes.


Instructors can use these platforms to organise their work, focus on students, and receive constant feedback from them. Regular student activities should be planned in order to keep students engaged and on task. By incorporating fun, rewards, collaboration, and competition into various activities, gamification increases student engagement and knowledge acquisition. Our team faces a high level of difficulty because we built both a B2B and a B2C platform in a short amount of time with a large number of features and services.


Peafowlsoft’s developers have created an easy-to-use E-learning platform solution that allows significantly improving the accessibility and efficiency of students, tutors and institutes. The platform allows students to learn English language from the scratch. Besides, the platform provides functionality for tutor to create collective activities and endless content management


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