An online earring marketplace that matches consumers with offers from a variety of retailers based on their preferences and assists online merchants in achieving their objectives more efficiently.

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To replace the outdated solution, our client asked us to create an online earring shopping platform. The complaint was that new retailers were hesitant to join the shopping platform because there were no tools to automate routine tasks like order status tracking or feedback processing. As a result, an increasing number of users preferred alternative shopping platforms with a wider range of competing offers. The new solution should provide sellers with a set of features that allow them to add new products to the online platform, advertise them, track the


Our talented developers and UI/UX designers have created an online solution that gives customers centralized access to offers from all of the system’s participating retailers. Users can browse specific earring categories (Stud, Metal, Plated on Precious Metal, Plated on Alloy, Fashion, and so on) and apply filters to narrow the list of displayed items, such as supplier, condition, price range, average rating, and so on, to find the products they need. Retailers have access to a personal account that allows them to manage sales more effectively. Using an intuitive user interface, the system allows you to add a new product to the catalogue, set a price, and add a description and photos. For a fee, goods can also be placed on advertising positions. Regular users can also use this feature to sell their used items. The seller’s dashboard provides access to the current status of the placed products. It displays all current orders, sorted by status (paid, cancelled, or closed), assists in inventory control, and allows for customer feedback processing. Built-in order fulfilment control tools allow you to keep track of the status of a specific order from the time it’s uploaded to the platform until it’s delivered to the customer and you get feedback. The dashboard also lists all current tasks that need to be completed by the seller, such as answering a customer’s question or responding to cancellation requests.

The reporting features built into the platform can assist sellers in assessing their work efficiency and making data-driven business decisions. The system can automatically generate and send a report containing monthly or annual sales, products of the most and least interest among consumers, increased or decreased seasonal demand for certain types of goods, and other useful information based on the needs of a specific user.


Our business analysts developed a detailed list of requirements covering the customer’s needs and reflecting e-commerce market trends as a result of close collaboration. Peafowlsoft’s online shopping platform provides an excellent user experience and works flawlessly across all modern browsers and mobile devices.


  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • MangoDB
  • JS