Software Product companies and Startups


It takes from 3 weeks to:

    • Conduct competitor analysis (competitors’ product features, pricing & monetization models, customer feedback analysis, customer acquisition strategy analysis, product efficiencies and drawbacks).
    • Describe obstacles that can hinder entering a given market or industry sectors (including regulatory barriers) and decide how to address them.

It takes from 2 weeks to:

    • Prepare the list of app features and integrations.
    • Prepare the project roadmap with major milestones.
    • Define the customer acquisition/conversion/retention strategy.
    • Define the monetization model.

2.Business case composition

It takes from 1 week to conduct cost-benefit analysis, estimate NVP, ROI.

3.Architecture, UX and UI design

It takes from 2 weeks to 3 months to:

    • Define application architecture, techs, data flow and integration points.
    • Conduct UX research, design wireframes, prototypes, and interface mockups.

Note: We recommend investing in the unique, sophisticated UI design only if the design is a competitive product advantage. Otherwise, use simple themes and focus on software functionality.

4.MVP launch (upon request)

The first working version of software product can be delivered in ~ 2 months.

5.Development and testing

Agile delivery of new software parts in 2-week releases. Continuous safe minor releases via automated CI/CD pipelines.

      • Analysis of emerging needs and the release planning.
      • Approving the release scope.
      • Delivering and reviewing mockups.
      • Developing and testing the approved software part, migrating the developed software part to the staging and production environment.
      • Getting feedback from a project sponsor and users on the results of the release.
      • Reviewing the results of the completed release and approving the scope of the next release.

Note: Small, well-defined projects can be delivered in a linear mode with one release.