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Our Services

As a software development service provider, Peafowlsoft strives to provide our customers quality application development services and web development services that help them to remain in step with their competitors. For this, we use modern software development platforms, application development tools as well as employ latest project management techniques and software engineering practices.

Using structured methodologies and proven IT processes helps to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with software outsourcing services, We help our customers to develop custom software applications and assist them throughout the entire software development Life Cycle, including project management, systems analysis and design, development, implementation, training and application maintenance.

In a nutshell our strong technical team can help ensure that the software development services we provide fit your business needs and meet your expectations.

Our software development services includes :

Software Development Services

Our Software development services include customized application development as well as product development.

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Web Development Services

We provide high quality and cost effective web development services to clients in Australia and Africa.

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Software Migration

Our Software Application Migration services help retain the know-how in your legacy applications and at the same time leverage on the performance potential of latest technologies.

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IT Training

Support and Maintenance Terms apply to all Peafowlsoft Technology Corporation (“Peafowlsoft”) proprietary software products. Please note that Peafowlsoft does not warrant, support or maintain any third party product, even if such product is resold by Peafowlsoft, or used in connection with Peafowlsoft products or services.

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Enterprise Solution

Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate multiple facets of a company’s business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases.

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Network Solution

Network Solutions. A major domain name registration company, Network Solutions also provides other services such as hosting and web site development.

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